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Bulletin: Some Comments on Jeff Leen’s Washington Post Review of Kill The Messenger

Jeff Leen of the Washington Post posted a scoffing review of Gary Webb’s work and the film Kill The Messenger on October 17, 2014: Since then, the comment section appended to the article is still open, and it’s received

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Remembrance of Gary Webb

I spoke with Gary Webb only twice- once in a phone conversation to arrange a radio interview for my KDVS-FM public affairs show on the Drug War, and later for the hour-long interview. It was the only time we met

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Gary Webb Interview, Part 1: Notes In The Margin (updated 10/26/2014)

[updated 10/26/2014] As I mentioned in the preface to the interview that I put on this site as the first post, I broached some topics that fell a bit outside the scope of the material covered in Gary Webb’s original

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“Kill The Messenger” Gary Webb Film Review and Fact Check 10/17/2014

Short version review: fairly compelling narrative, dialogue ranging from incisive to witty to cliched and overwrought; acting uniformly high caliber; mostly well-paced, with a few brief lapses; conclusion unsatisfactory (not really the fault of the movie.) Fidelity to the facts:

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Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance Series: Internet Reference Links (updated 11/09/2014)

Dark Alliance website Excerpt from the 1998 book Dark Alliance, by Gary Webb: Webb’s own account of how his former employer, the San Jose Mercury-News, responded to the attacks on the “Dark Alliance” stories published by that newspaper

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Gary Webb Radio Interview Part 1

[ Yes, this is a real interview with Gary Webb.This interview took place on KDVS-FM, 90.3mHz, Davis, California, either in December of 1997 or early 1998. Unfortunately, I neglected to label my cassette tape recording with the exact date. It’s

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Justice For The Messenger

Gary Webb, American News Media, and the War on Drugs

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