Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance Series: Internet Reference Links (updated 11/09/2014)

Dark Alliance website

Excerpt from the 1998 book Dark Alliance, by Gary Webb: Webb’s own account of how his former employer, the San Jose Mercury-News, responded to the attacks on the “Dark Alliance” stories published by that newspaper

The ‘Contra-Crack’ Series Gary Webb interviews and story articles

CIA Inspector General Report Overview, 01/29/1998 and Table of Contents

CIA Inspector General Report, 01/29/1998 Vol. 1: The California Story

CIA Inspector General Report, 10/08/1998 Vol. 2: The Contra Story Gary Webb Articles, Interviews, and Stories 2-Part ‘CounterAttack’ Series on Media Attack on ‘Dark Alliance’ Series, published 12/17/2004. Part 2 appears at the top of the linked page; scroll down to find Part 1. From Chapter 2 of the book Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs, and the Press (1999, by Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair)

Gary Webb, appearing with DEA agent Michael Levine on the Montel Williams Show

Gary Webb, transcript of speech, City College of San Francisco, 02/12/1997

Gary Webb, transcript of interview by Brian Covert, 02/13/1997

Gary Webb, transcript of talk and Q&A session at United Methodist Church, Eugene, Oregon 01/16/1999

Gary Webb’s contribution to Into The Buzzsaw (edited by Kristina Borjesson), Chapter 14: “The Mighty Wurlitzer Plays On”

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Gary Webb, American News Media, and the War on Drugs

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