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More Internet Links: Supplemental References For This Blog (updated 11/22/2014)

This page is a work in progress, with entries in no particular order, as yet. As I assemble more references, I’ll add and arrange categories as I feel most appropriate. United Nations Office of Drug Control “World Drug Report” series

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Gary Webb Interview, Part 2

C:..I don’t know if you know, that Carlos Lehder is out of prison. [Important: there’s been abundant dispute about this. I’ll be discussing it in the “Notes In The Margin” for this post.] W: Oh, I know he’s out of

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Tip Of The Iceberg (a work in progress- latest entry 11/1/2014)

In order to have a more complete understanding of the validity and importance of Gary Webb’s reportage in the Dark Alliance series, it’s necessary to have a familiarity with the wider context for his findings. It’s perhaps most important to

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Justice For The Messenger

Gary Webb, American News Media, and the War on Drugs

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