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United Nations Office of Drug Control “World Drug Report” series (1997, 1999-2014)

Carlos Enrique Lehder-Rivas

05/26-31/1996 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article by Bill Moushey on protected witnesses; this page is on Carlos Lehder, featuring critical comments by prosecuting attorney Robert Merkle about Lehder’s sentence reduction deal in the Noriega case

entry on Lehder, from the site InmateAid:

entry from the Gorilla Convict website, featuring an informative interview on the Federal government’s protected witness/informer program, WITSEC. Carlos Lehder gets a brief mention (the convict being interviewed claims that he was released in 2005.) Many other worthwhile details.

07/12/2012 El Heraldo story on Carlos Lehder, claiming that he’s currently incarcerated in “a minimum security facility in Florida.” Also includes a brief interview with Lehder’s attorney for the last 10 years, Oscar Arroyave. Arroyave claims to be working on enabling Lehder’s release to Germany, and makes a few other observations. According to the article, Lehder has a room with a television, access to a telephone, shared access to the Internet in the library, and is able to receive family visits. The article features a recent photograph of Lehder, from a 2011 Christmas season visit with two of his daughters. This link is the Google Translator Spanish-English version- it’s imprecise and ungrammatical, but the gist can be understood.

Bureau of Prisons “Inmate Locator”; my personal sample of searches has yielded somewhat less than 100% success in obtaining results. Fwiw, I wasn’t able to obtain any results for any iteration of the name “Carlos Enrique Lehder-Rivas.”

Links related to the 1986 book The Underground Empire: Where Crime and Governments Embrace, by James Mills

Excerpts from The Underground Empire, quoted on the Serendipity website

L.A.Times article on controversy over the reliability of parts of Underground Empire

Obituary for DEA agent Dennis Dayle, prominently featured source in The Underground Empire; from the Orlando Sentinel, 08/04/2009, by Linda Florea

Money Laundering and Illegal Drugs

New York Times article, 08/26/2012:

Fraud News America website story

Links related to The Bluegrass Conspiracy, the 1990 book by Sally Denton (republished in a newer edition, 2001): references, background material, and related information available from on-line sources

a page of entries on official corruption, mostly in Kentucky. Unfortunately, much of the material is undated and not directly attributed, but at least some of it should provide leads for productive web searches. Some of it directly relates to material found in The Bluegrass Conspiracy

a fairly recent article revisiting the The Bluegrass Conspiracy, from the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader, 09/11/2010 by Jack Brammer

An excerpt from Strength of the Pack: The Personalities, Politics, and Intrigues That Shaped the DEA, 2010 by Douglas Valentine; part of Chapter 17, on Operation Buncin

Excerpts from The Great Heroin Coup>/em>, 1980, by Henrik Kruger, along with an informative foreword by Peter Dale Scott:

Internet site featuring partial list of Bay of Pigs veterans connected to illegal drugs operations; with bibliographical citations, including page numbers

09/23/2004 article in the Miami New Times on Felix Rodriguez and the Kerry Committee

The Oliver North Iran-Contra Diary entry, featuring several remarkably candid allusions to drug trafficking activities in association with the Contra effort, from the National Security Archive

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